About Us

Welcome To Mackay Real Estate


We are delighted to be providing service to Mackay and surrounding communities.

Our success is based on our respect for people – our staff and our customers, and customer service excellence. Our aim is to develop Mackay Real Estate in the same way – through intensive staff training and building a strong team approach based on respect for people.

We greatly value the people we employ, we greatly value our customers and we greatly value the role Mackay Real Estate plays in the local community. We want to form partnerships with local organisations to demonstrate our support and commitment to this dynamic community. The future is exciting for Mackay Real Estate and we want you to be a part of it!

Did you know that we not only source and sell properties, we are the agent of choice for tenants when it comes to renting a property. With a large interactive base of investment owners we have a continual source of rental properties to suit every budget.

A marriage made in heaven! Guess what? The owner of Mackay Real Estate, Cheryl is just around the corner from Loan Market which just so happens to be owned by her husband Kevin.

We invite you to come into Mackay Real Estate to experience a warm welcome, excellent customer service and the opportunity to discuss –

  • How easy it is to own your very own new home
  • Running out of room, is it time to go bigger? Time to go smaller?
  • Add to your investment portfolio / start your investment portfolio
  • Rent
  • Financial and investment advice
  • Is the time right “for me” to purchase?

We can help you answer all these questions ‘so you can make the right decision for you.’